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“Good is never good enough!” in the creative world. You need to aim for excellence and stop not before you achieve it! This ‘belief’ forms the core philosophy of Mymedialab’s existence. Reinforced with this notion, we take stride ahead in becoming a value-driven, cost-competitive, one-stop media laboratory - that creates and caters to all your promotional and advertisement needs, efficiently!

Backed by a strong and experienced team of professionals, we can partner you in your Graphic Design and Film Production needs and online media initiatives - most importantly - remaining within your budgetary constraints.

What We Do

  • Photo Restoration & Photo Books - How much is an old family photograph worth? Priceless, isn’t it? They remind you of an era gone often of your loved ones who may no longer be on this planet. Get your old photos repaired and restored also convert your photos in your phone to memories through photo books.
  • Audio Video Production – We can engage two of the most important human senses - vision and audio with our A/V production. So be it a corporate film or television commercials, you can bank on us.
  • Graphic Designing – Our team of creative talents can translate your vision into reality. Sketches, product presentation designs, banners, leaflets, brochures and website design; you name it, and we wouldn’t let you down.
  • Print Production - We can take care of all your printing needs may it be bulk through offset printing and digital. We have a German made Heidelberg offset printing machine which is known the best in the world.
  • Advertisement – Be it for the print or the digital media, including web and mobile platform, we will be behind some of the stunning ads and campaigns that not only will grab eyeballs, but also boosted sales of our clients! we will do it for you!
  • Digital Marketing - Digital marketing is the buzz to boost your sale or make your presence felt to your customers. Rely on us as we have good experience in creative and right methods to let you feel that you are known by millions.

Why Us ?

You may come to us for ‘value for money’ solution, simple! For the rest of the reasons about all that may interest you, following is an elaboration.

  • Custom Solutions – We don’t like formulas or work on any pre-set template. Every project is unique and we give it due share of time and energy.
  • Fast Turnaround Time – Our team can start work in short notices and churn out excellent content for print, digital and films without compromising on the quality but in a case of excellent, unique or an outstanding work, it is just the matter of time when it clicks.
  • Strong Team – We have a complete team of professionals - so remain away from the hassle of outsourcing any projects to anywhere.
  • Full Ownership – Transparency rules the credibility quotient. We believe in this dictum, and know that you too would. Clients enjoy complete ownership of all the content that we create for them. Everything comes bound by the terms and conditions.

Let us meet, share, and think aloud! We can do wonderful things, together!